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I get most of ideas from watching pop videos and just love the outfits some of the women wear.
I also love the way women look in comics.

Here are some of the women who have influenced me and the way I look:







I've loved her songs and her costumes for many years; she has so many great looks!




Wonder Woman

I remember the TV series from the 70's and what more could anyone ask for than seeing Lynda Carter run around every week in that sexy outfit?


Geri Halliwell (Spice Girls)

If I were a Spice Girl I would be Geri, (even though I share my birthday with Mel C.) as she loves to dress up in different fun outfits. I even have a union jack dress!


Shirley Manson
(Garbage singer)

I have to say my favourite type of music is rook and Garbage is one of my favourite bands. Shirley Manson always looks sexy in her short little skirts too.



I love Kylie after she reinvented herself, but I also
have a soft spot for her sister Danni too (maybe
because she's the younger sister living in
Kylie's shadow.)


Carol Decker
(Gorgeous lead singer
of T'pau.)

Sometimes she forgot to wear a skirt on stage, not that I'm complaining!



I have two supergirl outfits(one made of rubber) as i've been a fan since the
film from the early 80's.



Who wouldn't want to be Michelle Pfeiffer as catwoman?
Well me i'd rather be batgirl(ok i'd love to be catwoman too!).



Princess (from Battle of the Planets)

This would be my all time favourite cartoon (although Dangermouse cuts in
close), except the Americans got hold of it! Princess not only rode a bike and wears a sexy costume but also flashed her white knickers every chance she got!



Fantastic film and she's by far the best thing about it, just think of the fun you could have with her
powers! At one point I even thought I was her! (look in my photo gallery).

Oh and before you say it, I'm told I look like Billie Piper or 'Rose' from Dr. Who.
But she's not really been an influence on me, so she's not in my list, ok?

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